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The easy way to save a Motza on your groceries, petrol, clothing, electrical goods…..

All you have to do is take out a Home Loan, Business Loan or Equipment Finance with Loan Broker to the Aussie Battlers from our panel of over 30 of Australia’s leading lenders and you will receive access to the Home Loans rewards benefits.



So apart from finding you the Loan to suit your requirements and being eligible to enter our twice yearly holiday competion you also get to save a motza on your groceries, petrol, clothing and many other products and benefits.

The following is just some of the benefits that you can get

*5% off groceries and petrol from Woolworths and Coles

*5% off alcohol from BWS (Beer Wine & Spirits), Dan Murphy’s, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and 1st Choice

*5% off electrical appliances from The Good Guys

*5% off clothe and merchandise from Big W, Harris Scarfe, Kmart, Myers

*3% off Flight Centre

*7.5% off merchandise from Amart Sports and BCF ( Boating Camping and Fishing)

*10.00% off merchandise from David Jones and Adrenaline

Plus many more deals and discounts

My wife and I are very frugal when it comes to our shopping with two kids and two cars we spend about $350-00 per week on groceries and petrol which is mainly brought through Woolworths and Coles. We purchase our egift cards using our Home Loans rewards benefits card about a day or two before our shopping which saves us about $17-50 a week or $910-00 per year

It may not seem like much but unlike the savings I can get you through finding you a better Home Loan which decrease over the years, the benefits from a rewards card increase with inflation over time.

eg. If the rewards stay the same at 5% and we use a inflation rate of 3% per annum then the weekly spend will increase from $350-00 per week to $824-53 per week. The saving would also increase to over $2,000-00 per year or over $40,000-00 over a 30 year period not counting the 4cents off petrol and other rewards you can get just from doing your shopping at Woolworths or Coles.

Call today and let me explain how the offer works.

Jack Walker

Loan Broker to the Aussie Battlers

*Rewards benefits are current at time of publishing but may change in the future

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